The Artist

Artist Statement

My work is  focused on the synthesis of mysticism, sound, organic geometry, ritual, energetics and the cosmic womb. Through multidisciplinary mediums including painting, college, pottery and sound I am expressing the metaphysical as physical.

My process is a meditative state, I use mantra, kryia, breathe and source energy as I create. Each piece contains an energetic blueprint that transcends time and space as the infinite. There is a primordial cosmic energy that is transcribed to unlock the soul bringing it towards enlightenment as the embodiment of being.

About Sharon

SHARON REVITAL ALUMA is a Spiritual Guide and Visionary Artist merging the worlds of energetics and art. She is profoundly influential in awakening perspectives for many on their life path. There is a primordial cosmic energy that is transcribed in all of Sharon’s work to unlock the soul and bring it towards enlightenment.

A childhood filled with art, philosophy and self development set the foundation for Sharon’s life path. Twenty years of her life has been dedicated to the yoga, and eastern energetic practices. Deep meditation, sound and shamanic healing inspired Sharon to express the physical and metaphysical in her teachings and artwork. Sharon has a BFA in Environmental Design from Maryland Institute College of Art and over a thousand hours of Yoga certifications

Sharon’s live meditative performance pieces; Painting With Sound, expresses another layer of the metaphysical that is an embodied experience shifting frequencies. She has expanded her meditations into a collaborative project for conscious sound at A Space Collective