Spirit Guide

We are guided by our ancestors of the past present and future, the whole of all. We have access to our interdimensional souls. There is the universal library, the Akashic Records that many artists tap into as they are in the field of their art. We all have access to this library.

“As I create I surrender to the process, there is no sense of control, it is a knowing as it unfolds.”

It was the Sunday of Art Basel 2017 here in Miami and I was full and at my limit of art intake. I was invited to a women’s circle integrated in gathering and creating together. We sat in a circle and my guide arrived through a meditation, then we went into a silent space to create. There was light chatter around at some point and I recall moving to a table from sitting on the floor.

“Time and space disappeared, I was embodying my soul as an oracle nourished from the nectar of creation.”

I began hearing sounds that brought me back to this full physical earth as a friend approached from my right with words that took me a moment to compute. I realized where I was, an inter dimensional soul traveling. It was perfection as a reminder of where art guides me. I sat for a bit in awe knowing I had just traveled through portals beyond time, I needed a moment to land as I thanked my Spirit Guide.

I did not feel fully complete as we gathered back around to close the morning circle but it was tabled time to close. I went back into the nesting room and sat down. As I became present in this new space I saw two images on the floor in front of me, a red disk orb and a funky black and white illustration. These are said to be the most vivid colors we are able to see as infants. I immediately grab a pair of scissors and glue to completed my college.

As we went around the circle and shared I spoke to all the many things in this piece that came through creation. What I knew with complete certainty was the placement of the red disk that floats at the top of this piece of art, "that's the portal in".

“There is symbolism and meditative experience in each piece of art I create.”

Every time I sit with this piece as my Spirit Guide I learn something new. What was birthed was the re-activation of my art. Previously my work was observational from the exterior, landscapes and still lifes. My Spirit Guide showed me the way into my visionary work. Through years of yoga, meditation and metaphysical work I was given the insight of the inner realms. In this moment my whole of life merged into a space of oneness. I felt whole and complete knowing I live in this realm of cosmic earth. This was the awakening into a five piece collection of collage work called Creation. I am looking forward to sharing the journey with you through the next few months as we release these prints for sale.

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