New Moon Ritual

Can you feel all the light within you creating shadows in your experience? Do you see how the shadows help form light?


Is there a shadow feeling within you that you are wanting to transmute? Is it anger, fear, self-doubt, lack of movement? Can you sit with this emotion and embrace it? Can you give it a hug and love? Please speak to it and say, “I hear you, I love you, I embrace you.” How do you want to transmute this energy, what do you want it to know? Is there something within the shadow that can be embraced more deeply? The passion, beauty, the stillness, something else?


Please sit with this deep embrace and take three deep breathes… Can you feel the frequency of this enlightening energy? Now, are you ready to release this? Can you release the beauty, passion, stillness and/or something else? What does this feel like? Can you feel the energetic auric field around you as you release light energy? Can you sense this space as your outer frequency? Can you sense this magnetic frequency we call our auric field communicating with everything else?


With this new moon I want to ask you to change the narrative from “I am letting go of my shadow and I am calling in the light of”. Let’s speak the words of, “I am embracing my shadow of and I am releasing my light as”


Let’s celebrate the humanness of being with all our emotions. Lets begin to open a language of love within us. Share the love, release it. Embrace the shadows, love them. Let's love ourselves with compassion and then we can watch and see what magic aligns.

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