20/20 Vision

We are seeing from a new space with this 2020 vision. Coming into a new decade allows us to see an expanded view. Globally we can sense the demolition taking place, things are changing.

I’ve found myself repeating the conversation of “my children will not see the planet I was able to see.” Then I saw a photo of the Grand Canyon and realized once upon a time that was a river and now it is a stunning canyon to be walked through. I am recognizing change is inevitable. The unknown is something different. The difference between the two can be elusive but we have to trust this process of development knowing there are endless possibilities. Ushering in the infinite, igniting fear for some and an expansive space for others.

The expansive space of unknown coupled with fear is where vision takes hold. We can let our minds be consumed in fear and go down the rabbit hole. However, we can honor, grieve and take action towards shifting through the fear.

The dwelling in fear prolongs the demolition. In honor and action, we are able to shift the energy for the greater good. Our minds are powerful vehicles of change and we are the ones to decide who or what takes hold.

I am sharing my visions through my art. ‘20/20 Vision’. This piece sits in the belly of Pluto, a planet that is about a new approach and new perspectives. Pluto also contains an immense amount of destructive energy. Through this destruction we begin to engage in our superhero powers that are buried in the subconscious.

For those connected to the movement of our planets, Pluto and Saturn are moved into alignment on January 12. The last time this happened was in 1982. This is the bookend of an epic cycle.

I share my art as meditations on visions, they open networks within our neurological system. If you sit for a moment with this piece you might find a sense of peace.

20/20 Vision

This artwork opens visions of both knowing our past and blooming the future. A lot of my work is created from the center point. One of the first images that came to me was the priest with the Roman background. My mind did not want to accept this religious figure but I know how to listen to intuition through the process of making art. Everything else emerged and the piece became whole.

The priest's eyes are closed and sleeping signifying a death. He is upside-down moving through a dark reflective portal taking him into the planet of Pluto. Pluto came powerfully though in this piece holding much the space. Pluto's energy is about complete change, conversion, and renewal. Pluto might not get things done in a neat way, but he gets them done. He does not take his time with change.

The serpent is an old symbol for Scorpio, the Zodiac sign that Pluto rules. The serpent represents healing and medicine along with procreation and the cycle of life. Within this art piece the serpent is abstractly represented in the snake-like character below the surface (on the right hand side). It’s transformative powers are reflected in the magic mirror surface of the U shape symbol with a field of earth coming through the top.

In destruction and transformation there is always regrowth.

The women floating above comes out of a clay vessel, the beauty of mud. She is rowing through the cosmos finding her way. At the end of her staff (which is in direct orbit with the priest) is a drain. She is not killing nor stabbing what needs to change. Rather she is draining out what no longer belongs through a portal. She is cleansing the field.

Out of the priest as a vessel emerges the lotus. The lotus is the true crown. A hand of the feminine nature covered in light is also opening towards the priest. There is a moment that we cannot say what the hand is doing. This is a moment of contemplation. Above the shoulder is a window into another space. Through the side another doorway of rope that is yet to be woven signifying possibility. Below the threads sits an eight petal seed. The flower begins as one, goes into seven as the chakras and blooms as eight, the infinite.

Cut from stone sits ‘The Mountain Within’. The mountain is non-binary. It is self sexual in a way that is in Union. The surface is raw and concave, an opening in. Emerging is a smooth and clear form in the shape as a drop of water. The two forms are essentially one in their material nature.

This artwork signifies 20/20 vision. What we’ve been working through and what is to come. There is immense destruction happening in this moment and it can be daunting.

This artwork is here to remind us the vision. Therapeutically this artwork is present to ease the mind so we stay present in vision while honoring all that is.

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